High Speed Connections and Common Wireless Routers – A Real World Speed Comparison

A Wifi router lets you connect multiple devices to the internet, wirelessly, within your premises. Users generally require a router to effectively use the internet connection on multiple devices. However, if you connect multiple PCs / Laptops / devices to the internet, simultaneously, they would be sharing the total bandwidth available on the common internet connection, thereby distributing the total achievable speed amongst all connected devices, resulting in unacceptable speeds on each connected device, individually.


In order to achieve acceptable speeds on all connected devices, individually, users opt for high speed connections such as the ones that we provide. Some routers, however, are unable to support these high speed connections and in general, purchasing a compatible router which would work well in conjunction with our high speed plans could be a daunting task.


We are therefore suggesting a range of Wi-Fi routers which fit the basic requirements and which would help you to achieve transfer speeds pertaining to the subscribed plan/tariff. These measures, we believe, would enable you to achieve the best possible speed and would allow efficient use of the high speed internet connection available to you.


A list of routers is shown below, which illustrate the maximum speed achieved with the test device being located near the router and in the next room. This attempts to depict the realistically achievable speeds in the real-world environment.



Brand Model No. Maximum Speed Achieved near router Maximum Speed Achieved in the next room Expected Price
Download Upload Download Upload
(in Mbps)
D Link DIR-600M 60 59 46 47 Rs. 1000
i-Ball Baton ib-WRB150N 80 75 63 66 Rs. 884
Tenda F3 76 78 70 69 Rs. 1045
Tenda W311R+ 76 80 60 59 Rs. 830
TP-Link TL-WR841N/
84 91 59 57 Rs. 1320
TP-Link TL-WR740N 77 81 64 57 Rs. 935
i-Ball Baton ib-WRD75EU 84 83 77 74 Rs. 1700
i-Ball Baton ib-WRB302N 88 87 61 56 Rs. 700
Binatone WR3005N3 90 89 78 76 Rs. 900

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